Forget queuing! We prepare a tailor-made tour for you

We are Jordi and Lourdes, tourist guides in Catalonia. Forget queuing to enter museums and monuments, or getting bored listening to the introduction of the audio guide on duty. Let us accompany you on your visits. We adapt to your interests, tastes and needs.

Our visits to Catalonia

Here you have a selection of our most recommended visits.

If you are a Travel Agency, may be we can also help you

More than 20 years of experience guiding groups in Catalonia guarantee us. And although we are not a receptive agency, we can advise you on the organization of your next project. Contact and tell us what you need.

Guías de Cataluña, guías oficiales en Cataluña

We are proud to be part of great teams

Since 2020 we have been affiliated with the “Arts i Cultura” brand of the Catalan Tourism Agency and, since its foundation, we have been part of AGUICAT, the Association of Guides Qualified by the Generalitat de Catalunya for responsible and quality tourism.

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