About us

We want to take advantage of this space to explain how we got here

We were born in Barcelona and we could almost say that we have spent our whole lives dedicating ourselves to tourism.

The same phrase sounds forced, but it is the truth. Because we have been dedicated to it professionally for more than 20 years, but we have been doing this for a long time, as travellers. In fact, we’ve had quite a few trips in the suitcase, so we’ve lived experiences of all colours.

First, as children and teenagers, we travelled with our parents. Then, we did it with the backpack on our backs, with our youthful friends.

We liked traveling so much that we decided to do it professionally, and when we didn’t know each other yet. The work made us continue to travel for a few years, as tour leader guides. Have you heard of these types of guides? They are those who accompany a group throughout a trip of a week or ten days, for example. This helps us learn a lot. Languages, geography, culture, history and also many stories. But it also made us learn psychology, logistics, improvisation… We called it worldology, savoir faire.

It was at that stage we met many local guides. From all countries and all ages. And we learned a lot from them. How to do the job well. How to make those who listen to us feel in front a monument as if we had never told that story to anyone else before. How to adapt our explanation to our listeners, so that what we explain, and which is the real main character of the visit, is admired and understood by all. And sometimes, though few, we also learn how a guide’s job shouldn’t be.

After all those years of coming and going, we stayed home. In Barcelona. We obtained our professional qualification as tourist guides of Catalonia in 1997 and since then we have been dedicated to this work full time. For us is not a hobby but is our profession and that is why we continue to train continuously in history, in art, improving the languages we speak.

And that’s when we met. And from that moment on, we kept traveling. First as a couple and soon after with our children. Who said you can’t travel with children? What happens is that you have to change the pace. But visiting a museum or a church or seeing a landscape from a child’s perspective is a real discovery.

Then the children grow up, and used to traveling, the want to do the same. And here we are, just like you, preparing a new journey and looking for a guide who can explain and teach us our next destination.

We are a team of colleagues who are also friends

Really in all these years of profession we have learned a lot. But if there is one thing that we are especially pleased with is that we have met many colleagues, today friends, in whom we fully trust and with whom we usually work when we are asked for operation in which the work of more than a guide is needed or when the client needs a guide in a language we do not speak. Or if one day we are busy and can’t respond to a request.

If you need our guided tours, contact us. We will be happy to help you.