FAQ – Solving doubts

If you have any doubt about our services or us, please do not hesitate to send an email to jordi@guiesdecatalunya.com or fill out this form and we will respond you as soon as possible. Meanwhile, we answer some questions that may arise.

An authorized tourist guide, or official guide, is a person whose knowledge about a certain specific city and/or region has been recognized by the local Authorities. In our case, it is the Generalitat de Catalunya (regional Government), who authorizes us via the issue of an identity card after having passed the necessary regulated studies. In our case, we are both TEAT (Technicians in Tourist Enterprises and Activities).

In addition to this theoretical recognition, which is proof of the validity of our knowledge, we would like to add, that we have been professionally dedicated to exercising our work as authorized tour guides for over 20 years. During this time, we have complemented our academic formation with the continued recycling, participating in courses, seminars, conferences, visits to exhibitions… And if this was not enough, being in contact every day with the city and with other visitors like you, helps us to know what they are looking for and what the city has to offer according to their preferences.

Besides all this, we are local, we were born here, we conserve our customs and traditions at home, and in our everyday life we live what happens and why it happens in our country.

A private tour is a tour in which the only people who make up the group are you and those you choose: your partner, your children, your family, your friends… but nobody else. We are not going to add strangers on your tour. It would be ideal if the group did not exceed 6-8 members, but if it is a larger group, there is no problem on our part.

This allows us to fully adapt to your needs, to what interests you the most.

And if during the course of the tour you want to sit down for a coffee, you want to add the visit of an interior (whenever the time let us) or you want to ask us about any topic that interests you, there is no problem in it. We are at your disposal to take advantage of your stay among us and enjoy your visit.

Of course you can. We have two teens, and we have been travelling with them since they were 5 and 3. Children are small, nothing more. Trust us, we will adapt the language so they can understand us and participate in the visit.

Our only recommendation in this case is that you do not reserve more than one tour per day. Half a day is the ideal ration for them. They will grow up and they will be used to a guided tour. There is no better investment for them!!

Wherever you want. If you are staying at a hotel in Barcelona, we will pick you up there. This way, you will not have to worry about arriving to the starting point of the thematic tour you have chosen. But if you prefer it, we could mark a meeting point in the city, close to that we are going to visit.

In case of being housed outside of Barcelona, we can organize in either of the two ways. Just keep in mind that we must apply a supplement in the price for our trip to the departure point.

When you think best. Our recommendation is to start around 09:30 or 10:00 for the morning tours and around 14:30 or 15:00 for afternoon tours. This will permit you to enjoy the rest of the day, before or after the visit, and in addition it will be in keeping with the city’s hours (lunch and dinner hours, opening and closing of museums, commercial hours,…)

Once we have established the departure time it is essencial that you communicate any variation, especially in the visits that we have entrance to a monument included in the reservation, since it is difficult to vary the times once they have been fixed. The more time we have to change reservations the better.

On the day of the tour, it is important to start punctually at the programmed time. If there should be a delay for any reason, please advise us. To the contrary, and 30 minutes after the foreseen hour, the tour will be cancelled due to the no-appearance of the customer, without any right whatsoever to refund of the amounts paid.

Our prices include the services of a guide authorized by the Generalitat de Catalunya in the language requested by you, the organization of the tour in accordance with your specific need and the necessary managements for its realization. If the chosen tour includes the entrance to a monument, this entrance will also be included in the price. This will be detailed in the budget which will be sent to you. The prices also include VAT, according to that established in the Spanish legislation, and which in our case is 21%.

The transport and meals are not included in our prices.

In our visit proposals, you can see if transport is necessary or not. In the case it is necessary, remember we are guides and NOT chauffeurs. So, if you do not have transport available the transfers can be done in public or private transport, always with a professional driver. So if you need this service, we will put you into contact with private transport companies that adapt to your requirements.

Breakfasts, lunches, dinners or any other refreshment are not included in our visits. In the case of full-day visits, we can help you about the different restaurant options in the different destinations to be visited. In any case, the meals and refreshments will be at the customer’s expense.

If you find a tour of your interest, fill in the contact form giving us the maximum information about you and your interests: the date foreseen for the visit, how many people you are and in the case of being accompanied by children, their ages, in which language you want the tour, where you will be staying…

If you do not find a tour which adapts 100% to your interests, let us know, and we will prepare a program to fit your needs. With all these details, we will send you a budget.

Once you have accepted this, you will be required to pay 10% of the total amount of our services plus the total amount of entrances included in the tour. Please, remember the 10% of the total of our services will not be refunded if you cancel the tour. The remainder should be paid 2 weeks before the day of the tour. In case you prefer to pay the total reservation amount at the confirmation time, please note that 10% of the total amount will not be refunded in case of cancellation.

To make the payment we will provide you with a bank account, credit card or a PayPal account for making the transfer We will send you the details with the confirmation tour

If, for any reason, you have to cancel your reservation with us, we will refund the amount paid with some conditions:

  • If the cancellation is produced with more than 14 days in advance, 10% of the total amount of our services will be charged as a cancellation fee and the rest will be refunded.
  • If the cancellation is produced between 14 and 7 days before the tour, we will refund the amount paid except 25% of our services as cancellation fee.
  • If the cancellation is produced between 7 days and 48 horas before the tour, we will charge the 50% of our services as cancellation fee.
  • If the cancellation is produced in the last 48 hours before the tour or the customer does not appear in the moment of the visit, the total amount will not be refunded.
  • The amount of the tickets will be reimbursed according to the cancellation policy of each monument. Monument’s tickets won’t be returned when the cancellation takes place in the last 7 days before the tour or if the client does not appear for the visit.

In the case of personal or health reasons we are unable to attend you ourselves, we will find a guide amongst our regular collaborators, always official, who can accompany you, thereby fulfilling the program of the visit exactly as chosen.

Only in very exceptional cases do we cancel a tour. Never happened before. If this situation arises, we will do our best to find another day for the tour and in the case this is not possible, we will reimburse the total amount of the import paid.

No problem. Although we are not a large company, in all our years of experience we have surrounded ourselves with a great number of colleagues, great professionals and friends, with whom you can get to know Barcelona in the same conditions.

In the same way, if you need a visit in a language we do not speak, we can find you an official guide adapted to your requirements. Our collaborators speak German, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Greek, etc., and in Barcelona there are official guides in all languages, so all you have to do is ask us.