Glorias Tower or Agbar Tower?

In September 2005, after six years of construction, the Glorias Tower was completed. With its height of 142 meters and its 38 floors, it became one of the new icons of Barcelona. We can no longer imagine Barcelona without the silhouette of what is still called by many, the Agbar Tower.

The architects who conceived it were Jean Nouvel and Fermín Vázquez, from b720 Arquitectos. According to Nouvel, the design of the building was strongly influenced by two symbols of Catalan culture. the Montserrat Mountains on one side, and the Sagrada Familia on the other. In fact, as a tribute, the north side of the tower was designed with the aim of gaining an optimum view of the Gaudí building.

To an unusual architectural form, a rather interesting structure must be added. Lifts, stairs and facilities are all inside one concrete cylinder. Around this cylinder is another oval-shaped concrete structure with 4,349 openings trimmed on the structural concrete, and which function as windows. The beams join the central cylindrical structure with the outside following a radial shape, so each floor is totally free of interior walls.

The outer cylinder is covered with lacquered aluminum plates, which evoke smooth, bright and transparent water, showing the shades of color and light of reflections in the water. In fact, water was found beneath the building during the construction. Water with such pressure that it is possible to raise it naturally to the seventh floor.

On this aluminum layer is added a glass facade. Thus, the building is presented as a conciliation between two opposing concepts, the massiveness of the concrete and the lightness of the glass covering it, with almost 60,000 slabs of 120 x 30 cm.

The formation of an air chamber between the concrete structure and the covering, reduces overheating and facilitates ventilation. With some temperature sensors outside the building, which regulate the opening and closing of the glass blinds on the facade, reducing the energy consumption required for air conditioning.

The tower has 4,500 LEDs (Light Emission Diods), which make possible the generation of luminous images changes, projecting a multitude of colors thanks to sophisticated software and hardware, as used in the Allianz Arena by Jacques Herzog. It has enormous energy efficiency.

In November 2013, the Andorran company EMIN CAPITAL bought the building from its first owner and promoter, Aigües de Barcelona, ​​for 150 million euros. They wanted to turn the building into a luxury hotel. However, the project did not proceed. The legal difficulties of obtaining the necessary permits, and the techniques to make the proper facilities for a luxury hotel made the plans unviable. It was then held by Merlin Properties for € 142 million. Since then, the Glorias Tower is a building for rent offices.

Well, one more building, no. An original rental office building.

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