Joan Miró: Personage in front of the Sun

Joan Miró settled in his workshop in Mallorca in 1956. His friend Jose Luís Sert had designed a new creative space with those rationalist lines that he liked so much. There he was able to continue his search for simplicity. The poetry of painting that he made through his own language, his symbols.

Personage in front of the Sun , from 1968, exhibited at the Miro’s Foundation in Barcelona, is an example of the controlled gestures that characterizes the paintings of Joan Miró Miró’s works in the late 60’s

In this work, Joan Miró uses the color white as a base. A white that supports the other colors. There is no area in which the white is not accompanied by a chromatic note, or by some sign. Miró doesn’t need to paint the whole picture. It needs to have white spaces. In this way, the subconscious of the viewer can complete them.

The integration of the other colors helps to clearly delimit the divisions and the free zones. In spite of the spontaneity, Miró always considered the work as a whole. Therefore, the deletion of a single element would cause the imbalance of the whole. All the brushstrokes are controlled in order to balance the work.

The character is the triangle delimited by black lines. Miró performs each line in a single stroke, without taking too much into account of the limits. These are lines that define the contour and that drip. The fact that the figure is a triangle helps us position it. Without a line of horizon that positions us in a space, if the figure did not have that triangular shape, we would have the feeling that it is floating in space.

In 1944 Miró had traveled to the United States. There he met the work of Jackson Pollock and Arshile Gorky. Miró’s drips, unlike Pollock’s, are controlled and fall just as the artist wants them to fall. Nothing is left to chance.

Miró claimed that in Pollock’s work he had found the freedom he was looking for. With his example he had understood that he could go far beyond his limits. “ Somehow, American mural painting freed me”.

Joan Miró was born in Barcelona and the city was always very present in his work and in his life. We are preparing a new tour based on some of the spaces in Barcelona that show us works by Miró, or important moments in his life. We hope to have it ready very soon. In the meantime, we invite you to continue browsing our blog and to continue #travellingfromhome.

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