Crema catalana

When we travel we like to know the history and monuments of the places where we go. But, without no doubt, one of the best ways to know about the culture of a place is through its gastronomy.

That’s why today, which is the day of Saint Joseph, we present you the most typical dessert that you can eat in Catalonia: Crema Catalana (custard).

Do not worry if you visit us at any other time of the year. Crema Catalana has become the most common dessert in local restaurants, so you can taste it at any time.

Spring is coming

And the days get longer and longer. That is why nature begins to wake up from winter slumber. And so do the hens. The increasing of natural light makes their reproductive hormones get activate and they lay more eggs.

Thus, popular knowledge was launched to take advantage of the surplus of eggs and this caused many dishes and desserts of this time of year to be based on them: omelettes, egg sausage, the famous Easter eggs and the Catalan cream are some examples.
In fact, it is considered this is one of the oldest desserts that have survived to this days. It is spoken about it in medieval recipes, and there are even those who believe that it is an evolution of the custard that was already eaten in ancient Rome.

Custard versus Crème brulée

Perhaps you will hear that Catalan cream is, after all, like French crème brulee. Watch out!!! Never say that in front of a Frenchman, or a Catalan. Neither one nor the other will agree with the comparison.
And it is that although similar, the two creams are different. Especially in cooking and in some of its ingredients. To prepare a crème brulée, both the yolk and the egg white are used, cream is added and it is flavored with vanilla.
On the other hand, for custard, only the yolk of the egg is used, milk is added and the aroma is given with cinnamon and lemon zest.
Well, we better tell you how we prepared it this morning. Although you have to #stayathome, today is San Joseph, so we have had Crema catalana.

Homemade Crema catalana recipe, in our grandmother’s family style.


  • 4 eggs
  • 1/2 liter of milk
  • 1 glass full of sugar (without reaching the edge, less the thickness of a finger)
  • Cinnamon stick
  • Lemon zest
  • Orange zest
  • 1 teaspoon of cornstarch


  • We put to perfume a little of the milk that we will use. For this, we add to that milk, the cinnamon stick and the zest of the lemon and the orange. It has to cook over normal heat just until it starts to boil. At that time we remove it from the fire.
  • In a pot to be able to mix it with the mixer, we added a little bit of milk, the sugar, the yolks of the 4 eggs and the cornstarch. We will beat it well to avoid lumps in the milk.
  • Now we add the milk that we have perfumed and that we will have passed through a strainer and the rest to this mixture.
  • We put it on the fire and we stir constantly. When it begins to boil, we turn off the heat but continue stirring until it thickens and the temperature drops a little, to prevent the milk from cutting.
  • Finally, when it is not so hot we put it in a small clay pot, special to eat the cream and let it cool

At the moment of eating it, it is when the sugarwe drop the burnt sugar on it. To do this, you have to sprinkle the sugar and with a small special iron to burn it, in a moment it will be crisp. If you don’t have that iron, you can make burnt sugar in a saucepan to throw over it. As soon as it cools it will be crispy too.

So, even if you have to #stayathome you are still in time to prepare a Catalan cream and celebrate the day of Saint Joseph.

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