#stayathome to #stopcoronavirus

For a few weeks our world stops. The Covid-19 has accomplished what seemed impossible. But we are sure that everything will end soon and we will move again just as we did a few days ago.

Do you feel like traveling with us in Catalonia?

Maybe you were planning to come at Easter. Or is your dreamed trip for a long time.

The case is that this damn virus can leave us at home but it cannot force us to stay at home and do nothing.

We thought that we could publish small posts, easy to read and that would help you to get the word out of what you can visit the next time you come. What do you think of the idea?

Every day we will explain some things about our cities, our museums, our history and our culture, hoping that in a short time you can come and discover them for yourself.

Meanwhile, remember, #stayathome to #stopcoronavirus and #discovercatalonia.

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