Roman Tarraco

The Roman Tarraco was born in the 3rd century BC, in the context of the 2nd Punic War that confronted Rome with Carthage for the control of the Mediterranean. A little later it was converted into the route of entry for the Romanization in the Iberian Peninsula.
The moment of greatest splendour arrive during the first century BC when it was proclaimed the capital of the Hispania Citerior. From this evolution, there’re well-visible remains in Tarragona, which allow us to imagine what Tarraco was in the times of the Roman Empire.

We will wander around what was the administrative area of Tarraco and we will be able to see the remains of the walls that surrounded it. We will also see vestiges of the provincial forum and of the esplanade where the place of worship was to be found, nowadays occupied by the Cathedral. Afterwards, we will arrive at the place where the circus used to be, the tiered seating which has been conserved during almost 2000 years protected by mediaeval buildings. Lastly, we will arrive to the sea, to the sea next to which the Amphitheater is located.

In the year 2000, the archaeological remains of Tarraco were proclaimed a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. Since then, the city has valued more these vestiges which are mixed with those of the mediaeval city. Wandering among them helps us to understand a good part of the beginning of our history.


  • Licensed tourist guide authorized by Generalitat de Catalunya during all this tour.
  • The approximateduration of this tour is 3 hours
  • The order of the tour will depend on the meeting point for the start, although we recommend following that indicated in our proposal.
  • Transport: This visit is a walking tour. Transport is not needed.  This will only be necessary for arriving at the starting point. This transport will not be included in our budget, except if it is an explicitly requested.
  • Entrances included: The tour includes the entrance to the Amphitheatre. The rest of the tour is exterior.
  • Optional visits:We can add any other interior of your interest to this tour: Archaeological Promenade (the roman walls), Cathedral, National Archaeological Museum (MNAT), Praetorium and Roman Circus… Do not hesitate to contact us in order to design an itinerary adjusted to your needs.
  • Combinable with:  You can transform this half-day walking tour in Tarragona into a Full day in Tarragona or if you prefer, combine Tarragona with the Cister in the New Catalonia – Santes Creus Abbey, or Sitges, Montserrat or the cellar of Penedés.

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